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MOVIII is a Strategic Research Center, funded by SSF, the Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research. The level of funding is 9 MSEK per year for five years starting 2006. The Center Director is Lennart Ljung.


Billy Fredriksson, Chairman
Helene Fogelberg, Sectra AB
Urban Forssell, NIRA Dynamics AB
Inger Klein, Linköping University
Jan-Ove Palmberg, Linköping University

International Advisory Committee

John Baras, University of Maryland, USA
Albert Benveniste, IRISA, Rennes, France
Malik Ghallab, LAAS-CNRS, Toulouse, France
Carl-Fredrik Westin, Harvard University, USA

Research Teams

Automatic Control (Lennart Ljung, team leader)
Artificial Intelligence (Patrick Doherty, team leader)
Scientific Visualization (Anders Ynnerman, team leader)
Sensor Informatics (Fredrik Gustafsson, team leader)
Vehicular Systems (Lars Nielsen, team leader)


The mission of MOVIII is to develop tools and techniques for integrated decision support and autonomy for complex systems, grounded in experience with a wide spectrum of deployed systems and applications. The work will build on the teams’ core competence in the basic techniques of modeling, visualization and information integration, which are the cornerstones of advanced decision support. It will be carried out in close cooperation with end users and will deal with particular applications primarily to aerial vehicles, automobiles and information systems in health care.


The vision is that MOVIII develops into an internationally recognized research center for autonomy and decision support in complex systems, merging ideas from the disciplines of automatic control, signal processing, computer science, artificial intelligence, and visualization. It will generate techniques of generic importance at the same time that it delivers tools of practical value to industry and the health care system.