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Dynamically Deformable Data for Haptic Interaction.

Karljohan Lundin, Matthew Cooper and Lennart Ljung

The project in haptic interaction with dynamic data requires the modelling of volumetric data containing representations of materials such as the tissues of the human body. Modelling tissues is very complex since their behaviour when stretched, compressed or flexed is highly non-linear.

The fundamental modelling techniques proposed, centred around finite element models (FEM), are unlikely to be able to model these complex tissues with sufficient speed to meet the demands of the haptic interaction which requires a very fast response time, of the order of a millisecond, in the simulation. To avoid this limitation we will explore the possibility of modelling the tissues through parametric representations using the domain knowledge of doctors and engineers, in combination with the expertise in simulation and systems modelling of the members of the MOVIII consortium.


In the longer term it is hoped that a high-quality parametric model of the tissues, combined with the patient-specific data set derived from medical scanning, will permit the creation of a per-patient model which can be used both for diagnosis of a patient's condition and for surgical planning for the specific patient rather than, as now, relying on generic scan information which is only usable thanks to the previous experience of the surgeon with a range of patients.