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The mission of MOVIII is to develop tools and techniques for integrated decision support and autonomy for complex systems, grounded in experience with a wide spectrum of deployed systems and applications. The work will build on the teamsí core competence in the basic techniques of modeling, visualization and information integration, which are the cornerstones of advanced decision support. It will be carried out in close cooperation with end users and will deal with particular applications primarily to aerial vehicles, automobiles and information systems in health care.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles is one of the target areas.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) is becoming more important in many areas. They pose important challenges for Information Integration and autonomous decision support. MOVIII has a variety of activities aimed at supporting UAV techniques. Simultaneous Localisation And Mapping (SLAM) is an important partial problem. Read more.

Functional imaging of the brain is one of the demonstrator projects.

The project aims at using advanced signal processing and identification techniques to process fMRI data from a person who is subject to changing stimuli, like moving visual objects. The idea is to track the brain activity to provide fast and useful  feedback. Read more.

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Look-ahead control is a demonstrator project focusing on minimal fuel consumption.

Advanced modelling techniques and information integration allows more sophisticated strategies to control braking, acceleration and gear shifting when driving heavy trucks. This may lead to substantial reduction in fuel consumption. Read more.

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